For the past 6 months, I have been a participant in a men’s journal writing class at the Veteran’s Restoration Quarters in Asheville, NC. Writing among Veterans and sharing our stories has given me a new sense of community and depth of purpose, unparalleled in my life. Writing stories, bearing witness, and sharing oneself with others is a healing process that continues to deepen over time. There is something that happens when we are heard, and listened to, that shapes our experience and allows us to heal. Every week, I am so grateful to be a part of a group that in one hour’s time, transforms the experience of life through the written word, speaking and sharing
The value of writing as a way of .healing, is shared by Ron Capps, Veteran and Author of, “Seriously Not All Right.” Capps talks about the hopelessness that he experienced in war, and how writing is bringing him back home. Watch this video from the Tavis Smiley show.


Ron Capps, Veteran and author of his Memoir, “Seriously Not All Right.”