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     I learned about the field of arts in medicine while researching the culture of medicine in the United States. I was intrigued by the number of nurses that I knew, who were creative and had a desire to paint, or make things. In my experience as a maker, I understood the power of art to transcend time and to present an expansive way of seeing possibilities. I believe healing is inherent in art making. I believe the experience of music, dance, poetry, song and storytelling  has the capacity to change one’s perception of the moment and how they respond to the moment. I have experienced it on many occasions. I created cloth figures for many years for a living, and my hands and heart were always occupied with making. The process of creating, transcended time.

     Google helped me to find the field of arts in medicine. I found a program that existed in Houston at the Children’s Hospital. Children who are ill, record, write and sing their songs with the help of Anita Kraus, a musician who  was artist in residence at the hospital and created a foundation to provide a recording studio on the pediatric floor so that she could facilitate helping children to write, record, and perform their songs while waiting for their treatments, and then send them home with a CD of their songs.

          “In this program, any child being treated in the out-patient clinic or a sibling is welcome to participate, and no musical training or experience is required.   Before getting started, parents are asked to complete consent and release forms for both Purple Songs Can Fly and Texas Children’s Hospital.”

     When I went to itunes and heard some of these magical songs, I was hooked. Here is a Ted Talk with Anita Kraus.

       Below is an inspiring story of how the arts have been integral to a group of children in Houston Texas.  Anita Krause is the founder of “Purple Songs Can Fly.”  Anita was a musician in residence at Houston’s Children’s Hospital. She has established a foundation for a recording studio that is housed on the pediatric floor of the hospital. When a child goes in for treatment, they write, sing, and record their songs on a CD. When they leave the hosptial after their treatment, they take home the CD that they have created. The songs can be heard on ITunes. Please watch the video with Anita Krause  below: