Offering care for the human spirit through the arts



To transform the quality and meaning of care  through the arts


               Caty Carlin- Cloth story mandala with Veterans and UNCA students


The Center for Arts in Medicine  provides events, workshops, and educational opportunities  for artists,  health-care providers, and specific populations to experience the intrinsic qualities of art as medicine and to offer best practices  in the field of arts in medicine.  We offer programs in institutions of care, including hospitals and hospice care, rehabilitation residential treatment centers and Veteran populations.  We also offer programs for Pediatric populations including support retreats for parents who have children with life challenging illnesses.

We provide programs and art processes that offer useful foundations for understanding the role of art for community building, meaning making and belonging to community. While art is inherently healing and restorative, we seek to create sustainable and consistent programs that are designed for the needs of specific communities and populations through assessment and by identifying what gives meaning to those populations.

Historically, the arts have been the impetus and catalyst for effectively communicating significant cultural health information as well as to engage people in community building through story, dance, poetry and the literary arts. The Center for AIM designs  programs that demonstrate the importance of sustainability through program planning, implementation through sequential phases and assessment by surveying results.  We design programs that offer trained, professional artists who are excellent in their media, to create a bridge for patients, families and communities, to experience the power of the arts to heal.